Vocational & Economics Coordination

For Personal Injury Cases Only:  Prefer Not to Have to Coordinate between your Vocational Expert and your Economics Expert?

Many cases, especially wrongful death, do not require a separate Vocational Expert.  However, cases of permanent personal injury often require having both a Vocational Expert and an Economic Expert, or Forensic Economist.  The Vocational Expert is needed to translate the medical data of the injured plaintiff into a vocational evaluation of the injured party’s change in earning capacity due to the injury, including what if any improved employment prospects the plaintiff might have via rehabilitation.   The Forensic Economist is needed to take that information and calculate a lump sum damage award, which in most jurisdictions requires discounting lost earning capacity over a plaintiff’s remaining expected work life.

If desired, Mr. Joseph Rosenberg can work with the Vocational Expert of your choosing to perform those tasks.  However, he also offers the opportunity for attorneys to take advantage of the joint practice, Rosenberg and Rosenberg, that he has with his brother, Dr. Ronald Rosenberg, PhD/ABVE/CEA.  Our practice offers clients a single, integrated, cost-effective product that eliminates the need for attorneys to coordinate with their separate experts.  Dr. Rosenberg has over 30 years of experience as a Vocational Economic Expert and Rehabilitation Specialist, having practiced extensively in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and most recently, in Maryland and DC.

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