Published Forensic Economics Articles

The Journal of Forensic Economics (JFE), published by the National Association of Forensic Economics, presents academic research pertaining to the application of economics to litigation matters. JFE articles, authored or co-authored by Mr. Rosenberg, are as follows:

Discounting Damage Awards Using the Zero Coupon Treasury Curve; Satisfying Legal and Economic Theory while Matching Future Cash Flow Projections

Damage Awards Using Intermediate Term Government Bond Funds vs. US Treasuries Ladder; Tradeoffs in Theory and Practice

Mr. Rosenberg also was invited to write an essay in the Expert Opinion column in the National Association of Forensic Economics newsletter, “The Forecast“, as a proponent for one of the two main methodologies for discounting damage awards:

In addition, Mr. Rosenberg has also been published in The Earnings Analyst (TEA), the official journal of the American Rehabilitation Economics Association (AREA) and produced in collaboration with the Collegium of Pecuniary Damages Experts (CPDE):

Negative Net Discount Rates-When Are They Appropriate, And How to Ensure Consistency When Derived From Current Market Yields and Less-Current Earnings Growth Forecasts